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for the rental of vehicles

How old should I be to rent a vehicle from you?

All drivers over the age of 23, who hold a valid international driving license for at least one year, could rent a vehicle from us.

What do I need to rent a scooter?

You should have a motorcycle license corresponding to the category of the scooter you want to rent, issued at least one year before the date of rental of the scooter and in force status. Identity or passport and credit card or cash, to guarantee.

I have a car license, can I rent a scooter?

Unfortunately no. To rent a scooter you should have a motorcycle driving license.

Is it possible for another person to drive the vehicle I have rented?

The vehicle is forbidden to be used by any person other than the lessee.

What does the rental price include?

The price includes simple third-party insurance, free road assistance in the event of a problem, unlimited mileage, two-person helmets, a map of the island and all legal taxes.

What is NOT included in the rental rates?

The price does NOT include full insurance (available with extra charge) and fuel.

What are the types of security?

The vehicle is insured ONLY to third parties. The lessee is fully responsible for any damage to the vehicle during the lease.

What about fuel?

You will need to put as much gas as you want, depending on the distance you want to cover. The vehicle must be returned to the state in which you received it.

What is the minimum rental duration?

The minimum rental duration is one day. This can be 12 hours (morning by night) or 24 hours (until the next day at the same time). You can, if you wish, return the vehicle earlier but the charge will be the same.

Can I take the vehicle to another island?

Vehicles are not able to go to another island.


Direct Transfer to and from your destination.

We offer on time transportation from & to the port. Moving is easy and secure.
For those who want a day shift, day trip, or private guided tour, we take care of this and spend a four-hour, six-hour or eight-hour rental.

For taxi transfer call us

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